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Sofala Carp Bltz

Submitted by: Keira Roach
21 Nov 2011
Location: Sofala
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    Well On the weekend we headed down to sofala for the sofala carp blitz on the actal day it was wet and horable by the time at the presation, the first fish was a carp weighed in as 2.48 and the sceound was weight in as 2.57 the thered was weighed in as 4.92 and the last was 0.91 LOLwell we put it in to my name and i  won 12 years biggest carp and i won a rod and i won the secret weight  and i won  ab book about fish travel rod sunscreen squiggies drink bottle and thes all i thing haha well it turned out to be a good day (:

    Keira Roach

    Holden Other Heey!, My name is keira and i am a mager fisher girl i go fishing as much as i can druing the week, i also LOVE camping. fishing and camping is the most things i love to do on weekends other than haging out with my friends. my familey means every thing to me. and we spend every day with each outhe (: <3 -Keira-Lea Roach.... :]

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