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Our Long way home

Submitted by: richard morgan
20 Jun 2012
Location: Sydney (0) Comments
Sophie & Richard : The Long Way Home
Sydney to London - Overland  
Our story
We arrived in Sydney nearly 4 years ago with our sights set on fully embracing the
Australian way and seeing everything and doing everything we possibly could.
To achieve this, we would need a faithful steed who could take us wherever we
wanted to go. Our search lead us to a Mitsubishi Pajero, 1996, NJ Model. A simple,
but sturdy machine that with a little TLC would take us on every adventure we could
ever dream of – we called her Kylie.
Over the years, she has become part of our family, in fact, she is the 3 rd  person in our
marriage with the husband spending hours and hours carefully  repairing, restoring
and rebuilding her to be the ultimate off road machine (complete with fridge for cold
But sadly, our Peter Pan lifestyle can’t go on forever, and we have decided it’s time
to return back to the UK to ‘settle down’.  We knew it would be crazy to think about
shipping Kylie back with us, the costs would be huge and we only bought her for $5k!
But with the thought of saying goodbye bringing a lump into our throats and wanting
any excuse to have an adventure of a lifetime….
….. We have decided to take her with us, and drive her back to London!
The Route - 180 days – 23,000Klms – 15 Countries
Australia (Sydney to Perth) – South Africa- Namibia – Botswana –Tanzania-Kenya-
Ehtiopia-Sudan-Egypt-Libya-Tunisia – Italy – Switzerland- France-UK!

richard morgan

Mitsubishi Pajero

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