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Murray valley motor homes WARNING this could save you thousands

I will recommend that anybody thinking of using murray valley Motor Homes will think again i have had work done by Daryl 3 times now the first was he wired up lights for my vehicle with in 3 weeks i was very lucky i didnt lose everything as i pulled in to the services station and the wires that he wired up were on fire i called him he told me it wasnt his fault second i had a mazda e2000 motor changed witch daryl did i got the van back the power steering no longer worked as he put the wrong fluid into the pump i drove the van for no longer then a month and the motor blow up i took it back to daryl he told me that it was my carberator it was putting to much carbon into my motor i got the carberator checked by a man that put my van onto a computer system the fuel mixtures were perfect so i did the mistake of getting him to build me a BRAND NEW MOTOR AGAIN $2500.00 now when i got the van daryl told me to make sure that i check the crank pully bolt when i get home as i know now y he wanted me to do that because the moter broke the key way on the crank now i got a new motor mechanic to come and have a look at the van the mechanic advised me that the bolt that was holding the pully to the crank was striped and glued in when the motor was built so it was murry valley Motor homes problem so idid the right thing as i got a warrenty with the new motor and called daryl i told him what happend all he had to say was take me to court and if you take me to court it will cost more then putting a new motor in it i couldnt belive what i was just told so know i have a van that is worth nothing because a so called mechanic didnt do his job right since the problem i have had i have herd anouther 4 bad things about this buisness so i just want to warn you about this buisness as i would hate to see this happen to some one else.

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