Flinders Ranges 2008

Submitted by: Andrew Murray
09 Jul 2009
Location: Flinders Ranges (5) Comments
 In September 2008, we did a 3 week camping trip with our Pajero towing an off-road trailer. We travelled with another family in their Prado - Michelle, Rob & their 3 kids Jackson, Cassidy & Boadie. This was their first big trip, although they had a lot of experience camping in caravan parks up and down the NSW South & North Coasts over the years. Thanks to Michelle for some of the attached photos.

We travelled from Wollongong to Ivanhoe, Menindee, Broken Hill, Tibooburra, Cameron Corner, Strzelecki Track to Arkaroola, Wilpena, Burra, Morgan, Old Coach Road to Renmark, back along the Murray R via Swan Hill, Echuca, Mildura to Albury then back home via Wee Jasper (south of Yass).

What a brilliant trip! We experienced the most amazing and spectacular dust storm in Broken Hill; did the sand dune roller coaster ride west of Cameron Corner (the kids' favourite bit, apart from one case of car sickness - thanks Boadie!); camped at Montecollina Bore on Strzelecki Track; did some great 4wd tracks in Flinders Ranges; detoured via Leigh Creek en route from Arkaroola to Wilpena to pick up a mobile phone lost at Tibooburra (long story); plane flight over Wilpena Pound; explored Burra; Old Coach Road to Renmark; camped on the banks of the Murray (spectacular).

There were a couple of standout highlights:
Firstly, Rob was finally allowed to buy a 30 second tent for the trip and rigged up a really neat set-up, with the tent attached to the Prado via an awning that gave them some room to move around. Second prize when compared to the roof top tent Rob, but nearly as exciting!
Secondly, Michelle became quite attached to her flannos - no mean feat for a girl from the Shire!
Thirdly, Michelle's initial doubts about taking a three week holiday away from the coast were soon dispelled. Given that we travelled through a lot of sandy areas, she felt like we were driving through the sand dunes near the beach and that the beach would be just over the next sand dune!

Fantastic trip. We're ready to go again!

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Andrew Murraywrote on 01 Nov 2009, at 01:23 PM

My wife took the photo out of the window of the car with a cheap point-and-shoot Canon Ixus!! Photo has not been edited at all. Just one of those one in million photos I suppose. The light was incredible after the big dust storm.

Allan Thielwrote on 31 Oct 2009, at 12:31 AM

Must also comment on the photo, so smooth and pleasing to the eye, did you adjust this in a editing program or is this as you took it?

Andrew Murraywrote on 04 Aug 2009, at 07:02 PM

Peter, Have attached a few photos of the 30 second tent to the above story. Hope this helps. The only downside was it's bulky size when packed up. This worked okay with the roof basket though.

Peter Buddwrote on 04 Aug 2009, at 04:52 AM

Can you post a photo of the oz tent attached to the prado?

Christine Pirottawrote on 13 Jul 2009, at 05:43 PM

Stunning photo

Andrew Murray

Mitsubishi Pajero My wife and our 2 kids take 3 weeks off every year and head off in our 2005 Pajero & off-road trailer. Have some photos that might interest you. Enjoy!

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