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My first pathfinder

Submitted by: Clare Warner
03 Apr 2012
Location: Coffs Harbour (0) Comments
I travel a lot in my job, and my old holden had ticked over 300,000kms. Time to get something a bit better. I had just escaped the recent floods in Murwillumbah, and decided a 4WD with a bit of clearance might be the way to go.
After agonising over all the different online car sales and visiting a few local dealerships for test drives I was no closer to making a decision about what to buy.
The holden was starting to cost me more than it was worth to fix, then I noticed a new listing online for a 2002 pathfinder dual fuel just up the road from me.
The bloke brought it to my house and took me for a drive. It ticked all my boxes but I asked him to bring it back for my partner to have a look.
The rig looks great, drives comfortably, has plenty of room for my dog and luggage, and towed our 16 foot boat. My only concerns is that it is thirsty and lacks power going up hills.
I have read that a snorkel might improve fuel economy, and putting a turbo on will give more power, just wondering if anyone else has tried to upgrade their pathfinder?

Clare Warner

Nissan Pathfinder Fishing, camping and getting away from it all...

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