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1.86 kg bream caught on chicken river rd latrobe

fishing in winter

Submitted by: michael marshall
11 Jun 2010
Location: mersey river devonport (1) Comments
we have been doing a bit of fishing around the mersey river between devonport and latrobe the past few weeks and have been surprised by the decent size and species of fish we have been catching. its good to see there are more people out in the cold fishing. were not the only silly ones.

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David Howardwrote on 29 Jun 2010, at 06:54 PM

Now that is one nice Bream. Well done! Dave

michael marshall

Subaru Other I love going fishing and 4wd with my partner Tammy. we own a 86 Subaru Leonie 4wd sedan and we enjoy going off the beaten track and beach driving.

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