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Lord Howe Island - an amazing trip to some of Australia's best fishing!

Lord Howe Island
Even though it’s probably not somewhere you can drive to (need a Triton that floats) the boys from Hook, Line and Sinker recently made the journey to one of the most spectacular lumps of rock on the east coast – Lord Howe Island.
Getting to Lord Howe Island is relatively easy. There’s one flight in and out of the Island from Sydney each day, it leaves the Big Smoke just after lunch, so there’s no need for any early morning red eye horror plane rides.
Situated 400 miles north east of Sydney (straight off Port Macquarie) the flight takes around an hour and a half. The day we flew over was perfect, with light winds and clear blue skies. As you look down at the Pacific Ocean below, you begin to realize two things – firstly, how massive the ocean is and secondly, the fact Lord Howe Island really is in the middle of nowhere!
The first sight of the Island is of the highest mountain on the southern end. Mt Gower stands 850 meters above sea level – we could also make out a gothic looking rock about 6 miles to the south. Ball Pyramid looks like something out of Lord of the Rings – it also looks like the fishiest bit of water any of us had ever seen!
We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the island. Our hosts from Arijilla took us up to a beach in North Bay, where ended up climbing up a decent sized hill to get a better view of where we were. Lord Howe isn’t big, only around 12 km long, on the Western side is a coral lagoon, while looking east there’s sheer cliffs dropping into deep, blue water.
After a quality feed of local kingfish at Arijilla that night, we woke up early for our only days fishing with out of a boat. It was another beautiful day, with a forecast of very little wind our skipper for the day, Jack Shick was more than happy to take us to Balls Pyramid to catch kingfish.
It was after the 45 minute boat trip to ‘Spot X’ that we baited up and got our camera out to start shooting the show. Our first, introductory piece to camera was about how we thought the water looked really fishy. Nick, half way through talking dropped his line over the side – the first line in the water. Before we finished filming our bit, he was hooked up. It would have to be the quickest hook up in Hook, Line and Sinker history. His bait was on the bottom for only 2 seconds!
With one hard fighting kingfish in the boat, we continued on, catching kingfish to 13 kg, annoying whaler sharks and one lone but tasty cod. The kingfish fishing must be the best in the county. They are a great fish which fight hard and long.

We spent the next day fishing from the local jetty for massive, but almost impossible to catch drummer, as well as walked into a rock ledge where some fisherman who beat us in had caught about 5 kingfish to 10 kg and one Yellowfin tuna. While on the ledge we watched a school of Yellowfin smash a very scared school of garfish, just out of casting range!
If you get the chance to go, do it – Lord Howe truly is one of the hidden gems in Australian travel!
Hook, Line and Sinker’s Lord Howe Island Adventure program will go to air on June 12 on Southern Cross TEN and on Wednesday June 16.

With thanks to the Hook, Line and Sinker team for giving us a sneak peak into their upcoming episodes!


Hook, Line & Sinker Adventures

Mitsubishi Triton Double Cab Andrew Hart and Nick Duigan co-host the fishing program Hook, Line and Sinker which airs on Australian regional television. Sponsored by Mitsubishi Triton, another series has begun, and the pair are putting the Triton GLX-R through its paces. You can catch Hook, Line and Sinker on Southern Cross TEN in Qld, NSW and Vic and on Southern Cross TV in Darwin and Tasmania. It also airs on Central and on Spencer Gulf networks. www.hooklinesinker.tv

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