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Mallee Quads

Mallee Quads
Mallee Quad Bikes is located just beyond Murray Bridge, and is run by park creator David Hancock and his family. David constructed this off road wonderland to get his kids out and about, away from all the video games that where keeping them indoors! But in no way is this place purely for the kids, it brings new meaning to ‘Fun for the whole family’!
This park is not a place to thrash through the bush on your own vehicle. David has created a safe and fun environment that caters to riders of all ages and experience levels. The routes at Mallee act more like eco trails, with just a dash of adventure, rather than the full blown off road extreme ride. Trails are created by looking for natural clearings through the bush, so as not to disturb the natural environment.
Prior to each ride there is a safety information session, where riders go over the rules, and then have a practice on their bikes on a trial circuit. Though the bikes are of the same size, they are tailored in terms a riders height and age, so that everything is kept nice and safe. After this, riders are free to head out onto the 400 acres of course!
The ‘Mallee Rally’ trail is the main route for visitors, and takes about 40 minutes to navigate. For those who want to head off the beaten track a bit, there are opportunities to branch of onto numerous smaller circuits; though some of these are just for the bigger kids to ride.
For the non ‘petrol headed’, there are also numerous bush walking tracks to explore the area, with hiking trails that take you right out into the regions ecosystems, where there are breathtaking sites a plenty.
Bookings are essential for the Quad Park, so book as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.
With thanks to Discover 7 and the Mallee Quad Park.


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