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Loveday 4x4 Park


Loveday 4x4 Park


This Southern Australian 4WD paradise is located two hours east of Adelaide, and exists over 8000 acres of off road fun! Basically, the facility exists as a 4WD training venue, and for 4WDers, it’s pretty much heaven on earth. Whether you want to practice your skills on steep inclines, careering down frightening declines, or traversing across numerous types of terrain; the Loveday Park can cater to you.


The course is broken up into various sections, so those who aren’t quite as confident in their skills can tackle some easier parts of the course, before, if they feel more comfortable, pitting themselves against challenges that even the most seasoned 4WD experts will tremble at the sight of!


Apart from the training course, the park offers a number of enticing extras to bring people to the gates. Namely, there is 14 km of beautiful riverfront that can play host to some relaxing camping for you and your friends; or for those more competitively minded, the park puts on numerous motor-cross style events throughout the year – allowing you to test your skills against some of the best.


For lovers of both 4WD, and the outdoors in general, Loveday 4x4 Park is definitely worth the trek!


With thanks to Discover 7.


Check out the Loveday 4x4 Park thanks to Discover 7.

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Tony Whateleywrote on 20 Mar 2011, at 09:09 PM

Just have to make a note that the park is 8000 acres not 8 acres


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