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The Tough Mitsubishi Pajero GLX

Pajero's Involvement

Submitted by: Burke and Wills
20 Aug 2010
Location: Melbourne to the Gulf of Carpentaria (0) Comments
Pajero’s Involvement
The Burke and Wills Expedition 2010 will have a few distinct advantages over their 1860 counterparts. On one front, they will be actively seeking help from Indigenous Australians along the track, something that the first trekkers failed to do. But apart from that, the 2010 team will also be utilizing two Mitsubishi Pajeros to aid them in their travels. These vehicles will help carry the party’s equipment, and assist with some of the tougher sections of the trip.
The two Pajeros will have the 3.2L Common Rail Turbo Diesel engines and Super Select 4WD with its four driving modes that include high and low range options; not to mention the power steering and cruise control that will make things a lot easier for the longer sections of the trip. The cars will also have ‘Multi-function Display,’ which will be a big help to keep the team on track, with a trip computer, compass, altimeter, barometer, outside temperature, date and time display; Pajero will see the team in safe hands throughout.
Jonathan King was especially keen to get Mitsubishi and its legendary Pajero on board for his 2010 recreation. He told us that he’s always loved the Pajero, dating back to some of his great family trips in 1988 and 1989. In ‘88’ he and his family drove to Ayres rock in the Paj, and in ‘89’ they drove from Sydney to Kakadu in 4 days nonstop! “The whole family loved that car.”
He also mentioned one of his most cherished memories of when his kids were younger, was when they wrote a thank you letter to both he and his wife 2 months after they’d bought their first Pajero, thanking them for the purchase. He says the car was great as it got them off road in comfort and across country safely on numerous occasions. In response to why Pajero again?
“It was just logical that I’d want the same safety and reliability for what is one of the biggest adventures I’ve ever undertaken – and I’ve undertaken a few!”


Burke and Wills

Mitsubishi Pajero Historian and author Jonathan King is organising the Burke and Wills 150th-anniversary Environmental Expedition. With help of actor and environmentalist Jack Thompson, the trekking team will be undertaking a two-stage expedition, with specialist environmentalists using detailed maps, to follow the infamous 1860 route (this time aided by Pajero four-wheel-drives). Throughout the journey they will be posting updates from the road; providing a running commentary, stories, video blogs, artwork and other findings as they retrace the legendary steps, beginning in late August. Keep track of 4WD4Life to keep abreast of this epic journey!

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