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Submitted by: 4WD Events
28 Apr 2010
Location: Turlee Station, Mungo National Park (1) Comments

The Mitsubishi Muster was organised by the Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria with the aim of bringing together the Mitsubishi 4WD fraternity over the Easter Week end. It was held at Turlee Station (www.turleestationstay.com.au), a working sheep station located on the edge of Mungo National Park, about an hour's drive north east of Mildura. Turlee station is situated on the Wilandara Lakes World Heritage Area. 

A total of about 70 families attended the event (approx 150 adults and 50 kids). People came from SA, VIC and NSW. Some of the other clubs that attended included the Triple Diamond Club of NSW, the Subaru Club of NSW and Subaru Club of SA and of course, the Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria.

The format of the event was a large number of activities running concurrently throughout the week end to allow individuals to choose the activities that were of interest to them. Activities included Mungo National Park tours, Mildura explorer, Boundary rider (a self navigated drive around the boundary of the property - quite difficult as there was no map, participants were only given navigation coordinates), Nav Runs (similar to the boundary rider, but participants followed clues and had to answer questions hidden at the navi points), Motorkhana (this was a terrific event that involved low speed manouvering between traffic cones against the clock, by the second day, it was so popular they had 30 contestants!), Mallee Fowl Expedition (Mallee Fowl are extremely rare and there was one nest on the property, amazingly, one of the participants was on the Mallee Fowl conservation board and did tours to the nest over the week end) and of course, Mitsubishi test drives of the brand new Challenger XLS, Pajero Exceed and Triton GLX-R which proved very popular).

Some of the group activities included the Easter Fun Fiesta on Sunday morning which started with an Easter Egg hunt and face painting for the kids and ended with a male and female open broom toss event. The Show and Shine on Sunday night was brilliant as well and there were prizes given out for best decked out Mitsubishi, oldest Mitsubishi, newest Mitsubishi, best non-Mitsubishi, best kid friendly vehicle and vehicle with the most aftermarket lights. It was great to hear everyone brag about their Mitsubishi's. The Sheep Racing on Saturday night was good fun too, people crowding around to place bets on sheep like the Pajero Pacer, Terrific Triton and Pickles Pride. Every night after dinner, we had a big campfire which was a really nice way to unwind after the long day. The event culminated in the Shearing Shed Dinner. The owners of Turlee Station put on a huge roast dinner for the entire group (very fresh lamb, slaughtered the same day!). The dinner was actually held in the farm's working Shearing Shed.

There was a big locust plaque throughout the region whilst we were there which was full on, everywhere you went, a cloud of locusts would fly up in the air. Driving back as well, it was like driving through fog clouds in some places because there were swarms of locusts in the air.

I guess the best part of the week end was just people coming together with their Mitsubishis, 4WDing, and camping together with common interests. Everyone was incredibly friendly and excited to meet new people and swapping stories all week end. It was just a great feel good Mitsubishi event.

A special thank you to Carol Reed (Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria president), and Dave Howard (technical officer), along with the rest of the Paj Club committee for all the amazing work they did for the event. They worked incredibly hard to put this together and did a fabulous job.

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David Howardwrote on 14 Jun 2010, at 09:09 PM

Wasn't it a hoot. It worked because everyone who went "Loves That Car"

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