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Oodnadatta Track

Submitted by: 4WD4life Destinations
15 Jul 2009
Location: South Australia (1) Comments
The Oodnadatta Track is one of the easiest Outback tracks in Australia. This maintained gravel road follows the old Ghan railway line and the Overland Telegraph. The track is situated in central South Australia and runs from Marree to Marla, passing William Creek and Oodnadatta along the way. Many of the sights are connected with the old Ghan but there are also natural highlights, such as the so-called mound springs and Lake Eyre, the largest salt lake in Australia.

With a total length of 617 kilometres, the Oodnadatta Track is not very long as Australian standards go - and you don't really need a 4WD to get from Marree to Marla. But what it lacks in length and difficulty is largely made up for with historical and natural sights. You can have a look at the many sidings of the old Ghan railway, the ruins of a former rocket tracking installation site, the remains of a telegraph repeater station and the longest bridge in South Australia.

The track also skirts Lake Eyre South, or if you're more adventurous you could drive to Lake Eyre proper from William Creek, one of the smallest settlements in Australia. And then there are the strange mound springs like The Bubbler or Blanches Cup - yes, there is water in the driest part of Australia.

The track is a essentially a diversion from the Stuart Highway from Port Augusta to Alice Springs. It largely follows the route of the old Ghan railway. The Ghan itself now largely follows the route of the Stuart Highway.

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Julie Bassettwrote on 18 Aug 2009, at 11:57 AM

I just came back from the simpson(Aug 09) and went up the Oodnadatta Track and I would say that it is far from maintained. It was in poor condition and it took 3 1/2 day to get from Marree to Mt Dare.


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